Having some money and not trusting banks? Say no more, you want to invest your money in assets that are not going to be eaten by inflation, wars, or robbed by hackers. We’ve got the right answer for you – gold coins!

People still think that the best way to keep their money is in the bank. They think that the bank is the safest place on earth. What they don’t know is that having the money on your bank account is like place $100.000 on the street leaving a Chihuahua to guard it. Yes, you have someone watching them, but is this the best option? No! Hackers are out there breaching every security measure banks set. And they steal.

If you invest your money in this, they are no longer invisible and fictive. Your money in the bank doesn’t really exist, it’s just a number until you ask for them to pay them. That’s why hackers can still it so easy.

In this article, we’ll tell you why finding gold coins for sale┬áis the best idea! Read on and learn all about it!

Gold price never drops

Since gold is on the market, its price never dropped significantly over a long period of time. If you buy such a coin worth 100 US dollars today, you can be sure that it will still be at least 100 dollars 10 years ahead.

Chances are big it will increase significantly and this is based on the fact that with time, it is only going up. For example, 40 years ago, 1 oz was $35. Today, the price is around $1400. Can you see the difference? A 100 dollar coin bought in 1970 today would worth $4000. Just because it’s made of gold.

Of course, numbers aren’t fixed at all times. They move up and down daily. Wars, economic and political fluctuations, natural disasters, all this affects the price every day. However, compared to anything else on the market, gold is affected the least.

This means you can invest in coins today and leave them in a bank safe or on a special place at home for years. When your children grow up enough to find a use of them, give them as a gift that will probably worth a lot more than at the moment you bought them.  

Easy to store

What’s best about gold coins is that they are very easy to store. Let’s say you have coins worth 10 ounces with you. You can easily place them in your pocket right now. But if you think about it, that’s actually 14.000 dollars. Can you easily place this kind of money in your pocket? Didn’t think so!

If we’re talking about much bigger investments, like after you sold a house for half a million, what are you going to do with it? It’s best to do this option. Place them in a safe and just watch how the market works. If not after a few months, but in a few years a chance might come up and the price rises again.


According to what we just said, imagine that you have half a million worth of coins. The price today is 1.400 per ounce. Let’s say it jumps to 1450. Not more, just this. You instantly earn $17.650. That’s a big difference for such a small change, right?

Now let’s make another comparison. Last year this time, the price was 1200 per ounce. Let’s say you sold your house last year and bought 400 ounces worth of coins. Today, the price reached 1400 as we said and you suddenly need money for something. You don’t own 500.000 anymore. Now you have $560.000.

You have 60 grand extra just by investing in these coins when the time was right. You did nothing in the meantime, no further investments, no working on it, no worrying about how things are going to go. Clean and easy. Just look at this chart for the last 40 years. Click here.


If this doesn’t convince you to invest in coins, then probably nothing will. However, it is an unbeatable fact that the best choice you can make for protecting your money is this. No other solution is better.