A good credit score will help you get equipment financing quickly and easily. By using equipment financing, construction companies can extend the cost of equipment finance interest rates into longer payment terms and avoid costly up-front expenses. It allows the construction company to preserve working capital and obtain the tools necessary to get the job done. It’s important to note that Fora Financial does not offer a true equipment financing loan. Instead, their small business loans and merchant cash advances can be used to finance new equipment purchases and cover additional expenses.

  • In fact, a small company can make a profit by implementing the equipment or technology immediately and grow its business.
  • This lender prides itself on saying “yes” when the bank says “no” and makes it easy to get fast approvals on the funds businesses need most.
  • Generally, you’ll be able to agree a loan period of up to five years, and a flexible repayment schedule tied to your anticipated income .
  • The informal nature of angel investing can make negotiating terms complicated.

Equipment loans may require a down payment of up to 20% of the equipment’s cost, but they tend to have a quick turnaround. Equipment financing can be used to purchase a wide variety of tangible equipment that helps your business operate and generate revenue. Equipment that retains value over time is generally a good candidate for financing, as your company will own the asset and can resell it in the future. If your equipment needs are relatively short-term and you need to upgrade frequently, leasing your equipment might be best for your business.


Arranging car finance or small business loans to purchase equipment for your business can sometimes seem complicated. However, you’ll find a range of flexibleequipment financesolutions available, enabling you to free up more of your working capital in order to grow your business. There are no surprises when it comes to business equipment financing.

Small Business Equipment Financing

Your funding term could be anywhere from 12 months to 72 months. Funding for equipment can be up to $5 million or 100% of the total equipment value. Since the equipment will be used as collateral, the lender may not want to fund more than the value. Soft assets, such as computer software, usually can’t be leased. Leases almost never come with a down payment because a purchase isn’t being made. Companies can also reduce their tax burden by adding interest charges and the cost of the loan to operating expenses.

You can work on improving your business credit score.

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