Hold off on full-time hires and opt for contract workers until you’re in a more stable financial place. Managing cash flow requires a combination of keeping spending under control and making sure you have enough funding to support whatever business operations are necessary. As the leader of a business, you’ll have to make careful decisions. Cash flow—or the lack thereof—will be a constant consideration in the early days of starting a business.

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But instead of directly turning to a handful of investors, you’ll use a crowdfunding partner who connects you to an entire audience of investors. Crowdfunding platforms bring together hundreds, sometimes thousands of investors who each take a small cut of equity in exchange for funding. In this age, why would you waste your time standing in line or begging for loans at the bank? Your FundThrough application takes just minutes to complete online, and there are no personal credit checks or other hoops to jump through.


Just like socks in the dryer, paper receipts just love to go missing from desks, handbags, and wallets. With Revolut’s integrated expense management tools, members of your team can upload receipt images from anywhere, or upload PDF receipts easily. Plus, they’ll get automatic reminders to ensure that all of their expenses’ vital information is attached. Then, as the account admin, you’ll have access to approving or denying expenses, plus tracking the ins and outs of all of your accounts, all in one place. There are other financing options for your small business that we haven’t listed above. Entrepreneurs are creative, and there are countless ways that business owners finance their ventures!

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