Your decision will ultimately decide what kind of supplies and equipment you will need. You’ll need to first register as a member of our Africa Business Community and then you can post a Business Opportunity on the Dashboard or begin searching for Business Opportunities on the Dashboard. Our sophisticated matching algorithm prioritises opportunities for viewing for each global user of the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard. Good communication skills, especially for those who wish to invest in sales. For those who know how and enjoy cooking and think about using this skill in business, the production of food at home for the sale of frozen foods, packed lunches, or orders is a great option. Several products allow homemade productions such as candles, costume jewelry, decorative objects, embroidery and paintings.

  • Artificial intelligence is one of the new business opportunities that still hasn’t made waves yet.
  • Similarly, customers also have certain protections in case an experience goes awry.
  • In addition to keeping them clean, drivers enjoy having the detail work done that a simple car wash cannot cover.
  • As an expert, you share your expertise with others to help them succeed too.
  • By creating a “network” of distributors, you can earn considerable income through residual commissions made from the distributors working under them.

This service gives tourists and travelers the ability to go places they normally wouldn’t, while saving money on their stays. Instead of making hotel reservations well ahead of time, and sifting through rates between various sites, AirBnB gives people a list of places to stay, along with customer ratings and prices. The truth is, most people are coming to the realization that fancy hotels are not necessary on most trips – especially if most of their time is spent sleeping. If you have an extra room, or even a sofa, you can create great business opportunities as an AirBnB host.

Sell photography

Get information on country economic data and analysis, development assistance, and regional initiatives. In order to become a property inspector, it helps to head on over to and read their introductory articles. That site is owned and operated by the American Society of Home Inspectors. This organization offers the courses and exams to become a certified home inspector. The site will also guide you to any local and state resources and requirements in your location. Much like upcycling, DIY instructors need a place to demonstrate procedures to a class.


Etsy is an online marketplace that gears itself toward creative business owners just like you. If you need further proof, Etsy has an annual revenue of $2.3 billion. For example, you can turn skills like web design, SEO, marketing, copywriting, or app developing into a profitable home-based business. Whether you want to run it as a dropshipping business or sell homemade treats, the pay is good and the work is rewarding (who doesn’t want to make dogs happy?). And people will never stop spoiling their pets—which means job security guaranteed. You can sell photos on endless stock sites—such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, iStock, 500px, and Stocksy—or wherever the demand for your type of photography exists.

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Many game developers contract with outside vendors to provide customer support and network support—especially for online games that cannot afford downtime. When you have made the leap to decide to start your own business the next step is determining which type of business you should start. Popular trends include businesses that help consumers save time and money, take advantage of the internet and social media, serve a niche in a community, and more. Hotmart is a complete digital distribution platform, built with solutions for those who wish to buy, promote, or sell online courses, videos, subscriptions, ebooks, and much more. If you want to start your business from scratch, give new life to an old idea, push your career in a different direction, or just learn a new skill, Hotmart is for you. Here, you’ll get the solutions you need to start living your passions.