An unsecured business line of credit is where a business has an agreed-upon limit to borrow against at any time. The unsecured line of credit works as arevolving line of credit that allows you to borrow up to that amount when you need it. With a business line of credit with mCashadvance, you only pay interest on the amount you borrow, which is helpful if expenses vary monthly. The negative to this flexibility would be a higher interest rate than a term loan.

  • Our funding is unsecured, in that we don’t ask for security in the form of a tangible asset like a bank would.
  • Talk to us today about how you can access a loan for your business.
  • When looking for a small business loan many business owners think of their personal bank or credit unions as the best option.
  • A short term facility, allowing you to raise quick capital by securing on a UK property.
  • Whether you’re looking to expand, purchase inventory, hire more employees, or refinance existing debt, a GoKapital business term loan is an excellent solution.
  • Instead of focusing on collateral, we look at your business potential and plans to determine if your business qualifies for an unsecured business loan.

I contacted Nationwide on Friday and by Tuesday the money was in my bank. Through every step they have been first class keeping me updated and have been a pleasure to work with. We help thousands of businesses every week and no one else approves as many as we do. With Excel Capital, getting the cash your business needs to maintain growth– or simply get through a rough season– has never been easier. In fact, we’ve found this process to be largely ineffective for ourselves as a lender as well.

Loans Under Government Schemes

This makes it a much more flexible method of funding for small business who are still growing or don’t own any tangible assets. If you are a small or medium enterprise looking to expand your business or some urgent working capital, an unsecured business loan could often be the answer. Below is a guide to understanding unsecured business loans, their advantages and how you could leverage them for your small business finance needs.