So whether you’re a private bank, an institutional investor or a Family Office, you can take advantage of IT and banking services two centuries in the making, yet tailored to your needs. We designed G2, our banking platform, because we wanted a solution we could rely on. Provides reports, analytics and dashboards spanning performance, exposure, liquidity, attribution and risk.


Dynasty Investments provides the research, tools, technology, manager access, and operations and compliance support for an RIA to offer its clients highly professional and scalable investment solutions. Our investment platform provides comprehensive support whether you choose to manage your own portfolio or outsource to our OCIO. Experience a software optimised for Family Offices that allows you to keep full control and overview without having to compromise in terms of performance and flexibility.

MoneyWare Trust Banking

Delivered on Temenos open platform for composable banking, the solution accelerates the time to market for complex, first-class onboarding journeys. Explainable AI enables transparency into automated decisions and provides intelligent banking by growing revenues, cutting costs and enhancing the customer experience. Support for MiFID II is provided covering securities trading by private individuals.


Orders Create and track single and bulk orders for trade execution. The ISS LiquidMetrix platform is a proven core infrastructure that delivers a range of services to Buy Side, Sell Side, and Venue operators. It was designed to meet the regulatory, monitoring and performance reporting requirements needed today, performing millions of calculations each day and servicing clients globally to reduce trading costs,…… A digital offering is a key requirement for today’s wealth managers and InvestPro’s self-service web portal meets the industry’s digital requirements and integrates with other critical systems.


The philosophy of Agilis Wealth Management is just that – to enable you to manage the wealth of your clients and in the process, create “more” wealth for them and for yourself. We understand your need to offer that extra touch to client relationships – hence Agilis WM offers you a…… Optimize everything you do The tech stack you need to maximize and deliver your firm’s unique value proposition. Elevate the client experience Provide an unparalleled, modern experience for your clients as you lead them towards long-term, financial success consistently and transparently.