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Small Business Equipment Financing

If you borrow for longer, you’ll be paying for equipment that you no longer use. Loans and lines of credit are subject to credit approval and for business purposes only. You may find yourself still making loan payments beyond the extent of use of the equipment you purchased. CDCs are local nonprofit lenders that participate in SBA 504 funding in order to encourage and strengthen economic development within their communities. As part of 504 loan funding, your company will need to demonstrate to the CDC your ability to use funds to create jobs, reduce energy consumption, or meet other specific public-policy goals. The coronavirus pandemic has caused lots of uncertainty and change in both our personal and business lives.

What Kind Of Equipment Can I Finance?

Finance for commercial vehicle, plant and machinery in 2019 has been reported to have the strongest growth rates at 9% and 5% compared with 2018. This shows a growing need for this type of equipment finance –Source. Yes, you can use Section 179 to take a tax deduction for business equipment financing. The 7 program currently offers loans up to $5 million, with interest rates as low as 5.50%.

  • If you’re looking for ways to reduce your company tax bill, leasing your equipment could be better than buying it.
  • Now, you might be concerned about asking equipment sellers about their business equipment financing options.
  • The SBA 7 loan is a general-purpose SBA loan that can be used to finance equipment purchases or refinance existing equipment for small businesses.
  • American Direct Funding Equipment Financing has options from 100% financing to short or long term loans, so we can help you get the equipment you need without putting a strain on your budget.

If you think that a certain piece of equipment will maintain its value and usefulness over a long period of time, then a loan is likely your best option. As the equipment is staying in-house after the loan term, it’s yours to either use or sell. Additionally, as an owned asset, the purchased equipment can serve as collateral on a future loan for your business.

What is business equipment finance?

In 2015, nearly 8 out of 10 (78%) of businesses used at least one form of equipment financing when acquiring equipment up from 72% of businesses in 2011. On average, equipment financing interest rates range from 5% – 30%. Most business owners who lease equipment either need it temporarily or prefer to have it upgraded after a few years, such as computers. Provides access to over 75 lenders and has a quick application process. Experienced companies will be more financially sound and be more knowledgeable of working with companies in different financial situations.