In order to respect the time constraints of RIBAF’s committed reviewers, submissions that do not meet these high standards will be returned to the authors without seeking peer review. It is especially important to the Journal that authors, even of papers of an applied nature, describe and support empirical investigations within a context of a well-considered theoretical framework. Papers motived by advocacy for a new paradigmatic perspective are ideally constructed as thorough reviews that present new perspectives formed by discovering new linkages and organization of the particular topic. On campus, the main Kimberlin Library offers a space where you can work, study and access a vast range of print materials, with computer stations, laptops, plasma screens and assistive technology also available. In semester 3, you will undertake independent research for your dissertation and again should typically allow around 38 hours per week for this.


Topics include motivation, communication, job design, leadership and group dynamics to provide systematic explanations of employee and managerial behaviour in organizations. An examination of accounting and reporting issues related primarily to liabilities and equities. An examination of accounting and reporting issues related primarily to asset valuation and revenue recognition. Introduction to contemporary businesses in a complex economy, their role in the society, their history. The various functions that come together to define a business will be examined. An introduction to the use of accounting data for the purposes of planning and control of operations.

Learning outcome

Housing 42 dual-screen Bloomberg terminals, the facility can add a dynamic practical element to your course. Alternatively, visit our International hub for further advice and guidance on finding in-country agents and representatives, joining our in-country events and how to apply. Analyse and draw reasoned conclusions concerning structured and unstructured problems from sets of data drawn from a range of sources, such as corporate annual reports, FAME and Bloomberg etc. Opportunity to join a variety of student led societies, including the Accounting and Finance society, the Investment Society and the Financial Trading Society. Note – Because of the prior preparation of the students enrolled in the class this semester, the focus of the course this semester will be on the Environment of International to which the students were not previously exposed. Further information on the terms and conditions of any offer made, our admissions policy and the complaints and appeals process.

  • Frameworks and quantitative methods used in predictive and prescriptive business analytics for decision-making with less risk and better outcomes.
  • General Managers plan, organise, direct, control and review the day-to-day operations and major functions of commercial, industrial, government and defence organisations.
  • The downsides of a decentralized approach are higher costs , some unavoidable duplication of effort, and a diminishment of control.
  • If your first language is not English, or your first degree was not taught in English, we’ll need to see evidence of your English language ability.

The Postgraduate programme, MBA International Business & Finance is being developed to cater to the large demand for a qualification that focuses on Accounting and Finance within the international business environment. The shortage of qualified students in the region possessing a qualification that encompasses both business and finance knowledge and skills has created a vacuum in the market. This internationally respected degree has been redesigned to reflect the evolving nature of business and the global challenges facing business leaders. It focuses on developing strategic analytical skills, business intuition, and enquiring and adaptive thinking. This module helps international students on Accounting & Finance for International Business to further develop their English language knowledge and skills to a level where they can operate effectively and independently.