Finally, before hiring a financial analyst, make sure that you have the necessary business data to be aggregated and analyzed. If your company has not set up robust financial and operational records yet, you should look for an accounting solution rather than FP&A. These financial models allow executives to determine which areas of the business are driving success and which are bringing the business down. From there, analysts can adjust the model’s variables to get an idea of how various financial and operational strategies will drive growth.

  • Conduct market research, competitive analysis, variance analysis, and different types of analysis to derive financial performance of an organization.
  • Experts in this field will come up with innovative ways to tackle difficult questions while constantly inserting themselves in business discussions to assert influence.
  • The majority of financial analysts work on what is known as the buy side.
  • Even new and smaller businesses have fairly complex financial processes.
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In the finance sector, 68% of analysts recommended “buy” calls in the sector, with Hong Leong Financial Group Bhd being the company with the most recommended “buy” stocks with a 100% “buy” call. MyEG, which builds, operates and owns the electronic channel to deliver services from various government agencies to Malaysian citizens and businesses, is covered by nine analysts and received a 100% “buy” call. For the technology sector, 71% of the total analyst recommendations were a “buy” call, with most recommended to “buy” stocks in IT service management company MY EG Services Bhd .

Senior Reporting Analyst / FP&A Manager

The projections are based on assumptions of unemployment rates and labor productivity growth rates. While the projected numbers may not be exact, they are helpful to compare one career to another, or one location to another. You can also view local job listings in this field by clicking “Find job openings”. This can help you see if local businesses are hiring—another way of looking at demand. Learn details about any occupation including what you might do on the job, how much you might earn, and how much education or training you might need.


In most cases, businesses will require the services of financial analysts who have up-to-date knowledge and relevant expertise. The global financial market is experiencing monumental growth and evolving lately. If you are thinking of making the move into the financial analyst field, there are a few aspects of an entry-level finance job to keep in mind. Therefore, having experience in demonstrating good communication skills to develop client relationships with company officials is essential to have a successful career. Also, proving one’s ability to think strategically on behalf of clients is another way to improve chances of career advancement into a more senior role.

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From raising capital to structuring mergers and acquisitions, and beyond, Stifel helps companies, organizations, and municipalities navigate complex financial issues. As your trusted advisor, we’ll bring clarity to your financial goals and deliver sound advice to help you navigate uncertain times. “The onset of the festive season and expectation of sequential improvement in economic growth would increase transactional demand for cash,” said Vivek Kumar, an economist with QuantEco Research. USAID/Uganda is seeking offers from qualified Ugandans to provide personal services under contract as Supervisory Financial Analyst.