Finance is the study and management of money, investments, and other instruments. The International Monetary Fund is an international organization that promotes global financial stability, encourages international trade, and reduces poverty. The Bretton Woods conference catalyzed the development of international institutions that play a foundational role in the global economy. These include the International Monetary Fund , a consortium of 189 countries dedicated to creating global monetary cooperation, and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which later became known as the World Bank. International Fisher Effect is an international finance theory that assumes nominal interest rates mirror fluctuations in the spot exchange rate between nations. Any updated course details will also be confirmed to you at application, enrolment and in your offer letter.


It focuses on the basic characteristics of each security and the strategies used for approximating their fundamental value and assessing their risk. Its primary aim is to discuss how certain characteristics and relationships can affect the value of fixed income and equity securities and how can they be exploited to form optimal investment strategies. The module also develops ways of optimally selecting portfolios of assets and develops models of how these portfolios may be priced in financial markets. Through a detailed overview of derivatives instruments, their characteristics and valuation, it is shown how they can enhance portfolio returns and help in the management of investment risk.

Educational Philosophy

You’ll learn through a combination of lectures, seminars, practical workshops, and self-guided study. This will provide the opportunity to discuss subject materials in an in-depth way with your lecturers and fellow students. Learn how to procure and allocate human resources for international markets, how to identify training and development needs, and how to motivate human resources internationally. You develop a cross-cultural understanding of how to build a corporate culture, through understanding the policies and practices needed for managing international operations.

  • There are approved, Sharia-compliant alternatives to interest and speculative investments.
  • Advanced standing will be granted only for those courses that are determined to be appropriate.
  • Re a home-based or small business owner, you need to learn how to balance your books as you …
  • His academic interests are centred on behavioural economics and their implications for personal financial wellbeing and the application of behavioural insights to macroeconomic and business policymaking.
  • Teaching will be delivered through formal lectures, informal seminars, tutorials, workshops, discussions, and e-learning packages.