Digital printing has been around for a while, but it is now taking centre-stage when it comes to the printing of stickers, product labels, and more. Digital printing is indeed a notable printing solution because it not only produces high-quality printed products, but it is also a quick and fast process – and it is budget-friendly as well. In terms of product labels, digital printing has been known to produce labels for various food products and items, for cosmetic products, for medicines, and so on with quick turnaround time, and these labels are long-lasting, too. So what else should you know about digital printing and its benefits for your product label? Let’s find out.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is different from other printing processes in that it makes use of a digital file of whatever design you have, and then it prints the digital file’s image straight onto a label. Digital printing differs from another standard printing method, flexographic printing, because all the images and colours are produced in a single step. Another distinguishing fact about digital printing is that you can run smaller batches because the presses of the digital printer run more slowly than that of a flexographic press, so it’s easier and more convenient to print small orders. 

What you should remember about digital printing and its benefits

  • Ideal for product labels

Digital printing is ideal for product labels due to the fact that it can print colours really well, but it works even better if your product label has more than four colours. The printing you can get from digital printing is of the best quality, and with it, you can enhance the image of your product and make it stand out among its competitors. With digital printing, you will not only get the best in colour consistency, but you can also take advantage of better colour vibrancy and a better overall impression of images. If your aim is to have your product label speak for the quality of your brand, then digital printing is an excellent choice.

  • Perfect for short-run ordering 

Compared to other printing processes and methods that require huge batch printing, digital printing lets you print a lower volume of labels or orders, as confirmed by experienced printers in Stockport like Harveyboard Print & Digital. For example, if you require 500 to around 25,000 labels for your products, then you can benefit from digital printing instead of printing methods such as flexographic printing, which require a greater minimum amount. With a short-run order, you can have the exact amount of labels you want, and you won’t have to deal with excess inventory that you don’t need.

  • Variable printing

Digital printing also allows you to benefit from variable printing, which is a sub-category of digital printing where you can change different elements like images, text, and graphics from one printed label to another without having to stop or slow down the process. In other words, you can change the entire look of your labels from one product to another without needing to use different plates, which is a requirement for flexographic printing – the printing process will simply make use of an external file or different database. 

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