“Customers can share their bank details with us and get access to loans. Account Aggregators are entities licensed by the RBI and offer customers a seamless digital journey to share their bank accounts with other regulated entities. The bank issues the national currency, advises government, manages the country’s official reserves and deals in foreign exchange markets, activities which involve both spot trading and dealings in the forward market. The commercial banks may manage limited sums of forex, reverting to the Central Bank if necessary. CBS also provides central clearing facilities for the commercial banks. The group continued to invest in technology and infrastructure mainly in its African operations as part of a strategy of confining its efforts to building robust operations in selected emerging markets.

  • Unit Trust investments can provide you with a simple way to start saving for your future.
  • An overdraft facility on your business’s current account is one of the most convenient ways to get operating capital.
  • With this challenge in mind, Segal adds, “we set out to launch a digital, fixed-cost, pay-as-you-earn loan facility – an ambitious undertaking for a business loan”.
  • This time he highlighted high uncertainty arising from the global trade war, changes in labour force growth and declining productivity as he attempted to make sense of a range of modern-day issues to help investors navigate financial markets.
  • Risk that’s determined by the financial state of your business, and the security that you’re able to offer.

If you’re considering moving your money overseas, it’s important to keep certain insights and tips in mind. Please try again in a few minutes time or visit your nearest branch. Cover all your insurance needs with a single policy, and specially discounted premiums for the BizLaunch account holders.

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Secondly, we’ve streamlined and re-organised our client segments and solutions internally, leading to a better overall client experience. We are clear on our goal to offer superior value and exceptional service to all our clients, while being truly human and truly digital. Our brand positioning aligns to our organisation’s ambition to transform client experiences based on thoroughly researched client insights.


For this reason, the Government decided to launch a Loan Guarantee Scheme to help these companies remain operational throughout these difficult times. The whole idea of this program is to help them pay all the obligations involved in their businesses. A loan from Standard Bank can open the door to future growth, by providing the funding you need now. Investing in the stock market can grow your wealth, and trading on the stock exchange has become simpler.


Only pay interest on the portion of credit used, and once 25% of the loan has been repaid, you can draw further funds without needing to complete an additional approval process. For customers, the AA framework is a big enabler as their financial information spread across multiple banks, insurers, mutual funds and other institutions are consolidated under a single digital framework, making it easily accessible. Bank lending to small and medium enterprises in Africa is notoriously low, largely because banks find it difficult to determine the risk profile of business owners with no financial statements, credit history and collateral. Our forex and treasury experts offer a full range of forex products and services, including sending and receiving international SWIFT payments. You can count on professional advice and service made easy and affordable.