This requires both written and verbal communication skills, as some investors and management teams may not have extensive financial expertise. The ability to translate complex concepts and recommendations for non-technical audiences is essential to explaining the value of investment opportunities. If you want to become a financial analyst, you need to consider your education.

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  • Many institutions also have training programs for candidates who show promise in the field.
  • Variance analysis is a process that helps businesses evaluate their over-performance or under-performance for a particular period.
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  • The Corporate Development & Transaction Services team is part of the global Finance organization and works with commercial and financial aspects of Accenture’s large and complex deal opportunities.

The 10-year national workforce is projected to grow 3.71%, but Financial and Investment Analysts are expected to see a growth of 6.16% over the same period. Data on higher education choices for Financial analysts from The Department of Education and Census Bureau. The most common major for Financial analysts is Business but a relatively high number of Financial analysts hold a major in Business.

Former TV finance analyst charged with securities fraud

Corporate finance analysts also explore and analyze potential investments for their companies and present their findings to corporate executives. Additionally, they’re charged with ensuring the accuracy of accounting transactions and pinpointing areas where a company can improve financially based on analysis of projected versus actual results. Corporate finance analysts assess a company’s current financial status, as well as forecast what that company’s finances will look like in the future.


They should be able to be able to navigate through internal company databases. A financial analyst not only knows just where to find the best facts on investments but have the means to organise research and efficiently utilize it. Now that you have understood the roles of a financial analyst, there is some skill set you need to have and also a level of qualification you must attain. If you’re a finance major, a financial analyst part is certainly worth considering. Even though you’re not currently majoring in the finance discipline, you might be captivated in discovery more about this path and deciding if it will be a perfect career path for you.