5 Signs it’s Time to Replace the A/C Unit

A/C breakdowns are frustrating and while you may think that calling a repairman to fix the unit is the best solution, replacing the unit may be a better idea. Although a new A/C unit is a big investment, continuing to spend money on repairs to keep a unit operating is simply throwing money out the window. While many A/C breakdowns are simple fixes, pay attention to the five signs below that indicate replacement may be the better option.

1- Age of the Air Conditioner

How old is your A/C unit? A well-maintained A/C unit averages about 15 years lifetime and uses, while others may last only about 10 years. It’s a good idea to repair the A/C unit that is over 10 years old if problems begin to occur. The older the A/C unit, the more problems you’ll experience. Fewer repairs and expense, as well as improved advancements in technology, are among the benefits of an A/C replacement.

2- Inefficient Operation

If your A/C unit has a low SEER rating, it’s time to replace the unit with a new unit. An A/C with a minimum SEER rating of 13 costs significantly less money to operate and offers the family more comfortable temperatures. If your unit doesn’t have the SEER 13 rating or better, consider replacing the unit as soon as possible. AC replacement may initially cost what seems like a large sum of cash, but it pays for itself in no time. You’ll notice that the home is cooler, more comfortable and that your energy bill costs substantially decrease.

3- Expensive Repairs

Evaluate the cost of the A/C repair to make sure it makes sense to spend the money on a repair. Complete the usual comparing with two or three companies to find the best rates for your A/C repair needs. If the repair is just as or more expensive than the costs of a new air conditioner, it makes sense to spend the money on a better unit that won’t face the same breakdowns and headaches as the current unit. Do not waste your money repairing an A/C unit that’s seen better days when it makes sense to replace that unit instead.

4- Frequent Breakdowns

If you find yourself calling repair professionals more than two times per year, it’s time to throw in the towel and replace the unit. Frequent breakdowns signal a unit that’s seen its better days and probably has a better life in the recycle bin. Besides, can you think of anything more frustrating than sweltering in the summer heat due to yet another A/C breakdown? You’ll save money after replacing the unit and avoid those frustrating -and common- breakdowns.

5- The Unit uses Freon

The federal government is phasing out R22 freon to conserve energy. Freon costs are rising in response to this phase-out. If your A/C unit uses freon, it’s financially smart to go ahead and replace the unit now, since it’s the ultimate outcome in the very near future. The new, improved R410A is used in new A/C units and is the choice for environmental officials and our federal government.

The five signs above are among the many that suggest it’s time to consider an AC replacement rather than endure another repair. Do not ignore the signs simply because the thought of spending money to replace the unit scares you. When all is said and done, replacing the unit saves you moey, headache, and hassle.