Abortion (Cara Menggugurkan Kandungan) is an operation to save the mother of the baby due to a problematic medical condition between the mother or fetus, such as due to the condition of the pregnant woman or the fetus such as an abnormal pregnancy and difficult to be saved. In some countries, abortion operations are strictly regulated and monitored.

Permitted Abortion

Abortion surgery is permitted when pregnancy threatens the lives and safety of pregnant women and the fetus, such for example the existence of heart problems in pregnant women. Heart problems pose a risk to pregnant women. Pregnancy will depress the heart and circulatory system. During pregnancy, blood volume will increase because the body’s organs actively feed the fetus in the womb. It makes the heart pump more blood and affects the heart of a pregnant woman.

There are also abortion operations that occur when gestational age approaches labor day when a pregnant woman experiences changes in blood flow and blood pressure during labor. The heart works very hard and it is very possible for a heart attack that can cause the death of the mother from the fetus, so it would be advisable to have an abortion on the fetus.

Another reason, abortion can be done based on the condition of abnormalities or severe defects in the fetus. Abortion will be recommended by the doctor when the fetus has severe defects. As maybe the baby has a lack of limbs or vital organs that are not functioning and dangerous for the baby’s life then it is recommended medically to have an abortion, with abortion (Cara Menggugurkan Kehamilan) recommended by the doctor.

Abortion is forbidden to be done carelessly

Abortion is not recommended to be done without complete procedures. Besides based on certain medical conditions, the practice of abortion must also be done appropriately.

The use of drugs to have an abortion is strictly prohibited. Abortion can only be performed in an operating procedure by an obstetrician.

Abortion should also be performed in a hospital with operating room facilities and complete medical equipment. This is necessary to avoid the risk of fatal abortion.