Discounting and compounding arbitrary cash flow streams in order to value different claims and make better financial decisions. Another example of the accrual method of accounting are expenses that have not yet been paid. Even though the company won’t pay the bill until August, the accrual method of accounting calls for the company to record the transaction in July. In addition to debiting Utility Expense, the company records a credit to accounts payable. A statement of shareholder’ equity reports how a company’s equity changes from one period to another.

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Our aim is to teach you ‘employable knowledge’, which can be applied to real-world situations giving you the skills you need to find the right role after you graduate. Therefore, you’ll be well prepared for work, especially if you undertake a work placement. Securing economics and finance degree jobs is highly competitive so we’ll support you to gain a strong foundation in the skills employers are looking for. We offer opportunities within the Department of Economics and Finance as well as through the University’s Professional Development Centre to help you build skills and experience. The course takes you from an introduction to accounting basics, through to more complex theoretical and practical accounting studies. You’ll also explore a myriad of other topics, including issues concerning business, law, IT, taxation, auditing, professional ethics, economics, corporate finance, investments, psychology, marketing, HR, management, and communications.

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This module provides a deep insight in some key theories and topics in Financial Management. The module looks at how firms and corporation manage financial investment and decisions in the long term and short term. The aim of this module is to situate Accounting and Management students in the Company Law environment where accountants and business managers typically work.


Analyzing financial data and creating reports for management, stakeholders, and external parties, such as client, bank, investors, potential investor, and tax authorities. Maintaining accurate and complete financial records and participating in audits or reconciliations, as needed. Assisting other departments as they develop strategies, establish objectives, and make decisions that could have a financial impact on the business. Whether you are seeking a career in corporate finance, investment banking, wealth management or any other area of finance, our diverse portfolio has a programme tailored to your needs.