U.S high-net-worth private-client assets under management in accounts worth over $5 million. These include more senior, supervisory roles as well as junior support positions. HSBC’s wealth teams work to understand the financial needs of our clients and create strategies to meet their objectives. Wealth Management creates comprehensive first-class strategies for building, preserving and transferring wealth for some of the world’s wealthiest individuals and families.


Not only will you be provided with plenty of room for career progression, but a number of exit opportunities exist, too. In fact, an estimated 5% of CFA charterholders are wealth management specialists. The reason for this trend involves the fact that many CFA core competencies are the primary responsibilities of a wealth manager.

Client Service Officer – Wealth Management

ESG certifications are focused around issues such as compliance, transparency, moral advice, and corporate responsibility. It has even been shown that ESG-related investments tend to outperform traditional strategies. For example, AuM of $100 million at a firm charging a 1% management fee and paying 40% commission would equate to compensation of $400k. With AUM of $1 billion, a management fee of 0.5% and commission at 50%, the compensation for the manager would be $2.5 million. The purpose of Nicola Wealth Gives Back is to develop and foster a culture of giving by acting as facilitators for employees and partners to succeed with their charitable goals.

Consultant Debt & Capital Advisory – Structured Finance

In terms of working in the sector, perhaps the most obvious observation we can make is the role of digital technology and the transition into hybrid work environments . This also includes an increasing reliance upon financial software platforms, requiring professionals to become more familiar with such systems. If you’re considering a career in wealth management then you’re probably wondering how to get into the industry to begin with, and how you can expect to progress. In recent years, the firm has taken a focused and strategic approach to community involvement by forming Nicola Wealth Gives Back; our charitable giving committee comprised of employees, senior management, and family.