Was started by Grant Sabatier, who went from broke to millionaire in five short years. Grant’s story was widely documented on finance blogs and TV shows, and he became known as the ‘Millennial Millionaire.’ Grant uses this money blog to share his personal finance experience with others. Again, much of this personal finance blog’s posts are geared towards achieving financial independence and retiring early. Is just one small part of Dave Ramsey’s finance education business. There’s also a call-in radio show, podcast, YouTube channel, online courses, personal finance tools, a budgeting app, and more.

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  • If you borrow money from the incorrect source, you risk losing a portion of your business or being subjected to repayment terms that will hinder your growth for many years to come.
  • From a business perspective, such policies may require adaptation of a company’s own corporate strategy and culture.
  • By using these ideas, you can run your business knowing its financially healthy and expanding.

Bad debt is accounts receivable that will not be collected and therefore, treated as a loss. Let’s look at 10 effective tips to help you avoid bad debt in business. Diversify your investments is another crucial personal finance tip for small business entrepreneurs to follow.

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Giving gifts to clients or customers can be a great way to build goodwill, create customer loyalty and differentiate yourself from your competition. Gifts can be anything from a simple bouquet of flowers to something a bit more personalized based on your knowledge of the customer. A gift can be given around the holidays, on birthdays, after closing a sale or any other time as a simple thank you.

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Hayden also writes for the CreditShout Blog, regularly producing content for a variety of blogs that centre around cultivating productivity and boosting morale in an office environment. Paying your own bills on time keeps the lights on and ensures you aren’t penalised with late fees. Continually missing deadlines not only incurs more interest but could also damage your reputation with suppliers and banks, and even ruin your credit score. Everyone knows that duct tape is super useful in almost any situation, and the Duct Tape Marketing blog is no different.