Designed to provide students with an understanding of monetary policy and its impact on our economy, global financial markets and the structure and operation of financial institutions. Students are encouraged to read and engage in discussions and debates. The teaching methodology is based on learning by doing, with lecturers implementing a student-centered approach, getting students involved and providing activities that allow students to apply the knowledge acquired. The Online Methodology consists of live, interactive lectures, led and facilitated by professors. The programs are self-paced, as students take pre-master courses at their own speed and using self-assessment exercises. This practical, applicable methodology consists of synchronous and asynchronous activities.


All incoming freshmen are monitored for Semester 1 milestone criteria, regardless of the number of hours they previously accumulated through dual enrollment and/or credit by examination. Present complex business, management and financial information in a clear and accessible manner to high-level, professional audiences. Apply knowledge and critical awareness of contemporary issues in business finance and management to business practice. In a constantly-moving environment, you’ll need cutting-edge managerial knowledge and skills to make efficient business decisions.

Data for: Banking Stability, Natural Disasters, and State Fragility: Time Series Evidence for Developing Countries

The charges will vary based on things like your industry, how long you’ve been in business, the profile of your clients and the health of your business. The average starting salary for finance program graduates is between $30,000 and $35,000 per year. With experience, average salaries for financial managers, auditors and investment analysts are between $55,000 and $70,000, with the potential for six-figure salaries at the senior management level.

  • These concepts will be explained with the help of examples taken from the real financial statements of companies so that it remains practical learning for the students.
  • You will become comfortable with financial statements and financial analysis, and able to make valid risk assessments of competing expenditures and cost-reduction projects.
  • We accept payments via credit card, wire transfer, Western Union, and bank loan.
  • The course will introduce induviduals working in the private sector to the fundamental aspects of the capitals approach and provide guidance on where to start when adopting the approach within an organization.
  • Specializations in finance or risk management and insurance can be completed entirely online.

Locate foundations that provide scholarships, fellowships, grants, and a wide range of financial support to individuals, including artists, researchers, and students. You may be eligible for recognition of prior learningif you have previously studied or have relevant work experience. This will help to reduce the number of courses that you need to study to finish your program. You are required to satisfy the applicable English language requirementsand this degree requires a minimum of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent. If you do not meet the English language requirements you may apply to study a University-approved English language program.