1919 – Babson College was the first business school founded to focus solely on entrepreneurship. Every graduate receives a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. 1900 – The first graduate school of business in the United States, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, was founded. The school conferred the first advanced degree in business, specifically, a Master of Science in Commercial Sciences, the predecessor to the MBA.

  • Our values-driven culture, commitment to real-world learning experiences, and deep expertise with today’s increasingly unpredictable business dynamics ready you for long-term career success.
  • Since being established in 1920 our school has grown to include approximately 500 staff made up of teaching, research and professional roles.
  • We’ll support your interests with a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate research degrees.
  • High-level academics, consultants, entrepreneurs and business leaders teach EU’s innovative business programs in English to a multicultural student body of 100+ nationalities.
  • With innovation, digitalization, and entrepreneurship set as foundational core values, GBSB Global promotes leadership in academics and business teaching state-of-the-art programs at undergraduate and graduate levels fully in English.
  • We support business leaders in enhancing their organisations’ performance and growth.

Business and ideas grow through creativity and learning from mistakes. Read tips, updates and perspectives from our current staff and students. Access our varied Alumni community and our network benefits and support. Expand your knowledge through our range of masterclasses and courses. To manage a corporation well and drive the business, leaders must have vision – the big dream-, the persistance and fortitude to make it happen.

Postgraduate & MBA events

We are a leading authority in management science, risk and information systems, realised and delivered through research, education and consultancy. We develop innovative analytical approaches for improving decision-making and risk-taking and support individuals and businesses to make sound and effective decisions through the application of scientific analytical tools. Founded in 1965, we are one of the UK’s longest established business schools and are proud to be integral to Durham University.


Business schools share the common purpose of developing global managerial talent and to this end, business schools are encouraged to accelerate global engagement strategies on the foundations of collaboration and innovation. Another important approach used in business school is the use of business games that are used in different disciplines such as business, economics, management, etc. Some colleges are blending many of these approaches throughout their degree programs, and even blending the method of delivery for each of these approaches. A study from by Inside Higher Ed and the Babson Survey Research Group shows that there is still disagreement as to the effectiveness of the approaches but the reach and accessibility is proving to be more and more appealing. We offer a range of globally-recognised programmes in partnership with highly-respected and accredited business schools. The Marketing department at Southampton Business School specialises in innovative research-led academic curriculum, and is consistently recognised in the UK as being at the forefront of delivering specialist marketing courses.