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  • Standard Bank believes that the right capital and capacity interventions now will set East Africa on a sustainable path to prosperity, including the very real possibility of becoming middle-income economies within a generation.
  • A predictable challenge is how to operationally maintain brand integrity across markets and multiple channels.
  • International ATMs at the Royal Swazi Sun hotel and the Swazi Plaza enable holders of international cards to draw cash from their home-based accounts.
  • Ivory Coast becomes the 19th African country where Standard Bank maintains a subsidiary.

Standard Bank and other incumbents in South Africa are seeking to improve distribution and lower the cost of their services in the face of increased competition from new entrants including Tyme Bank, Discovery Bank and Bank Zero. Standard Bank Acting Head of Consumer and High Net Worth , Karen van der Merwe, said the listed banking concern will initially operate two in-store branches and only expand the service in line with demand. In 2005 Standard Bank was rated as having the lowest bank charges in South Africa. By 2010 that had changed, to the extent that Standard Bank was rated by Finweek’s review of SA bank charges as having amongst the highest bank charges in the country. A report by Afriforum confirmed Standard Bank’s position as having the highest bank charges in the country along with Absa Bank.

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The group’s largest shareholder is Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , the world’s largest bank, with a 20,1% shareholding. The bank estimates that there are approximately 10 million small and medium enterprises and other commercial businesses spread across East Africa. These businesses contribute significantly to the economies in which they operate, driving GDP growth and providing significant employment opportunities. A Business Revolving Credit Loan is an unsecured loan which offers a continual revolving line of credit with the immediate availability of funds. The loan is an ongoing business loan where repayments are calculated up to a five-year period in equal monthly installments.