After you do how to choose the right carpet and get your dream carpet, then you must understand how to take care of the carpet. You can take care of your carpet by yourself or you can also hire the Zionsville Carpet Cleaning which a good carpet cleaning service provider. Carpets that are not properly maintained will be easily damaged and later you will need extra costs to carry out special maintenance or even replace them even though you have not recently bought the carpet. Make your carpet as a decoration that is long-lived, as the purpose of the carpet is made. Before starting the discussion 10 ways to clean the right carpet, it helps you understand the various carpet materials so that later you also know how to treat your carpet during the cleaning process.


Want a carpet with the strongest and most durable material? Wool is the answer. Many people have proven and recognized the quality of carpets made from wool. Besides being super durable, wool is also easy to dye to make it possible to produce carpets with an unlimited choice of colors. Wool carpet is very suitable to be placed in a room that is often skipped or trampled on by people because it is not easy to thin and comfortable for your feet. If you have a wool rug, clean it regularly so it doesn’t get damaged quickly.


Bamboo is a multi-purpose fiber. How not, this natural fiber can be woven into silk thread or cut into thin layers. Typically, carpet with bamboo material installed in some rooms such as the living room, bedroom, or hallway from the entrance to another room. To maintain the durability of this bamboo carpet, it should not be placed in an area with a high level of humidity. It also means that you have to prevent the bamboo carpet from being spilled or wet cleaning.


Made of polymer, carpet that uses acrylic material can be shaped to resemble wool carpet or cotton carpet. This is an alternative you can choose if you want a carpet made from natural fibers, but the quality is the quality of synthetic fibers. As a synthetic fiber, acrylic makes the color of the carpet does not fade easily.


Having the same advantages as wool, cotton is also a fiber that is easily colored with various colors. However, cotton rugs are cheaper than wool rugs and have a more casual look. How to weave cotton fibers for making carpets usually by braiding or by flat weaving. Cotton carpet is a smooth carpet, so comfortable to use as a carpet that also functions as a cushion. Carpets that are quite long in life can be washed frequently with a washing machine so that it will be easier for you to clean it.


Microfiber is a very good fiber, which is usually made of polyester, nylon, or polypropylene yarn. Not a new thing in the textile industry, microfiber has been around for decades. Remarkably, the carpet made from microfiber is really able to imitate the softness and velvety beauty. Unfortunately, carpet made from this will easily leave stains when exposed to liquid spills.


Included in natural fibers, hemp fiber comes from plant-shaped clumps that are easy to grow in the tropics. The natural fiber comes from ribbons on very hard and shiny bark. To be used as raw material for textiles such as carpets, hemp is usually mixed with other fibers when it is spun. In texture, flax fiber is classified as coarse, but if used as a carpet, of course, it is still made in such a way that it remains comfortable to be stepped on or used as a cushion.


Nylon is known as a strong synthetic fiber. As a factory-made fiber, nylon can be produced into various colors. In addition, carpets made from nylon are also widely known to be resistant to stains because nylon is good at ‘resisting’ dirt so that if exposed to dirt, it will be very easy to clean. Because the fiber is strong, it’s no wonder that rugs made from nylon will last long. Place a nylon carpet in a room with heavy traffic like the living room. Its glossy appearance is able to give a beautiful glow to the carpet, so it is worth putting in a room that is visited by many people. Even so, the color on nylon tends to fade easily because it is usually colored with dyes that contain acids.


Hearing his name, which comes to mind must be a rough carpet texture. Indeed, carpets with sisal materials are classified as rough, but this texture is not owned by other types of carpet. The appearance is actually unique and different. For people who have allergies to wool, sisal carpet is the best alternative. In addition, sisal carpet is also strong and very durable. The drawback of this rug is that the sack fiber absorbs moisture, making it difficult to remove stains created by drinking or food spills.