Before meat goes to home refrigerators and freezers, it must be properly prepared. There are many methods of processing the raw product. Freezing, grinding, and stuffing are just some of the options. Each process requires specialized equipment that will allow you to efficiently produce large batches of specific meat products. However, choosing the right devices is not the easiest thing to do. Check what must be considered when choosing top-of-the-range machines.

Various types of butchering machines

First of all, it is worth getting acquainted with all types of butchering machines. For some processing plants, it may be necessary to purchase several devices to form the entire production line. Pay attention to the quality of the equipment as it will have a direct impact on the performance of the enterprise. A proven supplier is a key to success. Companies such as BMG Trade offer butcher’s machines from experienced and trusted producers.

Meat grinders – effective machines for the food industry

A grinder is a machine that has been designed for butcheries and slaughterhouses. It is an indispensable piece of equipment that greatly facilitates the grinding process of both meat and other food products. Powerful engines and modern blades will cope with all products. Because of that, a grinder will work in all conditions. Therefore, if your facility still uses manual mincers, try the electric meat grinder, and see the difference in the performance of the facility.

Butcher’s cutters – what are they for?

Butcher’s cutters will be useful both in small catering establishments and in large processing plants. These are professional machines that are used to produce the highest quality cold meats and pates. In the current market, you can find several types of such a device:

  • an emulsifier cutter,
  • a bowl cutter,
  • a vacuum bowl cutter.

A wide selection allows you to choose a device tailored to the specifics of the work. Butcher’s cutters are also available in various sizes. Some models have several amenities, such as a hydraulic product ejector, an integrated vacuum pump, or a noise-absorbing cover made of transparent plastic.

Slicers and steakers – quick preparation of meat

Slicers are devices designed for portioning food products. They cut various types of food into slices or cubes, which makes subsequent processing very easy. On the other hand, steakers accelerate and automate the preparation of cutlets, steaks, or hamburgers. Modern and reliable devices of this type ensure continuity and repeatability in the production of meat dishes. The materials used in the construction of slicers and steakers guarantee that the taste and smell of the products remain unchanged.

Frozen meat processing

Freezing meat and other foodstuffs is one of the most popular food processing methods. It has therefore become necessary to develop a technology that will enable the efficient processing of such articles. The machine that effectively handles the frozen blocks of meat is the guillotine. It is adapted to work with products with a temperature of up to -20 degrees Celsius. The simple and solid construction of this machine makes it very intuitive to use, and a wide range of cutting options ensures that any processing plant will benefit from the purchase.