However, bespoke investment recommendations, based on risk profiling, life goals and preferences, remain a high-value requirement. In addition providing sophisticated and personalised omnichannel digital services throughout the customer lifecycle has become crucial to meeting their convenience and time-saving expectations. Automated and streamlined processes give private bankers and wealth managers the flexibility to tailor their services to their customers’ needs. Envestnet has also launched marketplaces to connect insurance and lending providers with advisors and collect fees on transactions.


AQUMON has helped more than 70 financial institutions digitise their wealth management practices. Robo advisory By combining quantitative investment algorithms with scalable softwares, we help financial institutions expand…… Especially when advisory firms can simply use the growing breadth of API integrations to cobble together their own “best-of-breed” solution anyway.

Transaction & Periodic fee management

The Integrity Capital Wealth Management System helps you simplify the demands of managing your wealth enabling you to devote more time to your business, your personal endeavors and your family. The Shareholders Management solution is an efficient platform to perform complete monitoring and management of shareholders registry. The AML Compliance solution is a vertical solution, leveraging best business practices and unique technology to help financial institutions comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations. The Alternative Finance solution incorporates the entire spectrum of Banking operations on one single platform, Front-to-Back. An open, cloud-native, standalone product which operates on any core banking system via standard APIs, allowing you to integrate your own or third-party content. Manage the full wealth client journey from prospect to trusted relationship.

Powerful tools to automate householding to give you greater client insight

Wealthbrain has helped us achieve the same with its simple, easy to use Portfolio Management System, by not only providing a consolidated view, but also by providing analytics that help us and our clients in making data-driven decisions. Customized wealth reporting has been automated saving us considerable time and resources. Wealthbrain has been a massive game changer for our overall client experience. Regulators expect a lot from wealth and asset managers—including a digital paper trail. Streamline and simplify compliance processes to reduce audit costs and minimize risk. Morgan Stanley offers a wide array of brokerage and advisory services to its clients, each of which may create a different type of relationship with different obligations to you.

The IMSplus Investment Management platform serves the industry with award-winning specialised solutions. The Real-Time Data Feed solution provides unique flexibility to end-users and uses a fast, accurate and reliable engine to present the data. Profile Software covers the needs for Online Trading, utilising the flexibility of its Investment and Real-Time Data Feed solutions in line with specific business requirements. Profile Software has extensive experience in the market, implementing both own and third-party systems for managing Market Risk requirements in demanding environments. Profile Software’s unique value-proposition for Private Banks, combining the Core Banking solution with the company’s powerful Wealth Management solution, built on the same platform, for an integrated approach. The Custody solution comprehensively covers all the needs of the Custodian Services market and provides the required flexibility to continuously adjust to its ever evolving needs.