Manages a full set of fee producing investment accounts, generally for large and sensitive personal trust relationships and individual investors with… All in all, the pay rise in Wealth Management is strikingly impressive when compared with other banking divisions such as corporate or investment banking. As a Director, you can expect to earn $500K or even millions if you know how to play your card. So if you consider wealth management work from a day-to-day viewpoint, it is much about the problem solving and people management activity.


This will primarily depend upon your personal desires as well as what you are trying to achieve. We are constantly evolving and working towards having the very best, innovative technology in our industry. Our vision is to have the best proposition for clients and advisers. That must mean digital on-boarding, feeds of performance and asset allocation from providers & DFMs to our portal, automation in ongoing suitability and MIFID II reporting as well as links to external tools such as Voyant. Our systems are at the cutting edge of the evolution of these things. We continuously evaluate, adopt and deploy leading technology to deliver our clients outstanding service and to ensure you maximise your time in front of clients.

Investment Management Client Team Analyst / Associate- 80 billion AUM Asset Manager – Amsterdam based

Our teams in Chase Wealth Management work diligently to help individuals and families manage their investments and plan their financial futures. A Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst is yet another possibility. Alternative forms of investment have become extremely popular in recent times due to their ability to provide a portfolio with a greater degree of stability. Therefore, those who attain a CAIA certification are highly sought after across the entire financial sector. Most candidates will need to first possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited university.

Is wealth management a good career choice for you?

To date, our Career Comeback program has helped 142 women and 8 men relaunch their careers. Have been completed last year by our permanent employees including mandatory training on compliance, business and other topics. Canada EEO StatementCanada EEO STATEMENTNorthern Trust is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Before making an offer, we conduct reference and background checks. We want to speak with people you have worked with before to better understand your skills and work style. Because we uphold a high level of client and company confidentiality, we will also complete an extensive background check that includes civil and criminal history, credit history and drug screening. It is part of our hiring agreement that our employees maintain a sound personal financial and legal condition. Alternatively an investment role would be more technical, offering specialist advice to the relationship managers in relation to particular products, and on an ad hoc basis.