For example, if you purchase a vehicle to run your business, that would be considered an asset. Entrepreneurs, businesses, workers, and investors have every incentive to solve problems related to supply chains and labor shortages. There are things that we know about inflation and its effects that must be kept in mind.

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Exact expense tracking is one of the musts for managing small business finances effectively. All businesses, no matter how small or big they are, will have expenses that need to be paid to keep operations running smoothly. Keeping track of all your bills and receipts can become a headache! These can include your operation expenses, marketing expenses (e.g. on social media marketing or small business SEO), staff expenditures etc.

New taxes on banks, life insurers can generate $5.3 billion, says PBO

In celebration of our new Perks partnership with, Revolut for Business presents our top tips to better manage your small business’ finances in the new year. Small businesses often need to raise money to get started or to keep their operation going, but they can get into trouble if they don’t approach financing in a smart way. By understanding what the basic financing options are, you’ll be in a good position to make the choice that is best for your unique needs. In order to make a budget, you need to understand your cash flow statement, which is your net income minus expenses over a given period. Your cash flow statement lets you know how much free cash you have to pay recurring expenses, taxes, and employees. The same principle applies to small business financial management.

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