Tunisia – Although it sounds contradictory, the use of solar thermal energy for cooling machines or refrigerators is not impossible. In Tunisia and Morocco, researchers from Fraunhofer use solar energy to cool a number of food ingredients, such as milk, wine and fresh fruits.

The use of solar cooler energy is done by installing panels to capture sunlight which is then processed by a reflector machine. Besides being used to cool, radiation from sunlight can also be used to make hot water up to 200 degrees Celsius.

“This method is ideal for countries that are more exposed to sunlight,” said a researcher Dr. Tomas Núñez. In addition, research funded by the European Commission through the Polytechnic University of Milan is certainly environmentally friendly and reduces excessive use of electricity.

Along with the trend of using solar panels, many prospective users are interested and want to buy solar panel products. However, many of them do not have the experience of choosing and buying solar panels, here are tips on choosing and buying solar panels easily and independently.

If we check on the internet together about solar panels, many types and brands of solar panels are offered. When we check several online stores with solar panel keywords, we will find a variety of shapes, types, capacities and features of solar panels offered by sellers.

When buying directly to the seller, such as at LTC Glodok, Jakarta, for example. Prospective users also will not only find a kind of solar panel, but various types and at varying prices. Choosing solar panels will be quite troublesome for beginners who want to start using solar power generation systems.

Is it true that certain brands have the best quality?

In the world, there are levels of companies with certain brands that have the best quality. These companies are included in the World Tier 1 solar panel company. Not many companies are at this level, but the types of solar panels they offer have several advantages.

However, that does not mean the tier 1 panel is always the best. The price of solar panels at this level is fairly expensive and not economical to use on small and home scale.

Some other brands on the market, may not be included in Tier 1. But are more familiar and affordable for most consumers in Indonesia. This is normal and permissible. Even though it has the same capabilities and functions as a tier 1 company. But it does not guarantee that other brands that are commonly used, also have the best quality.

Some buyers trust the seller, because the solar panel products have the right certification and offer guarantee guarantees on solar panels. But compared to the costs to be paid, is it enough to guarantee the quality of the product? Especially if the seller is only an agent partner who is not directly bound by the manufacturer of the manufacturer?

Detection of quality defects of solar panels without testing equipment

Therefore prospective users must be more careful in knowing which type of solar panel is in a “good” condition that is good and which is not. There are dozens of possible defects in the quality of solar panels that can be found in several solar panel manufacturers in Asia.

Production defects are normal for mass production. But it is not good, if the product fails the production reaches you, as a user. Because users don’t get the maximum benefit from the product they are going to buy.

Overall, finding some defects in solar panels can only be detected using advanced test equipment, such as electrolyticines (EL) testers, solar simulators, thermal cameras or obstacle testers. However, this can only be done by manufacturer manufacturers and several authorized testing institutions.

As a buyer and prospective user, you have the right to get the results of this test, and ensure that the solar panels that you buy are in accordance with these quality test standards.

However, for small scale, few sellers or providers are willing and able to provide the test results to customers.

However, don’t worry. There are some defects that you can manually detect, so that it will help you choose and buy solar panels. Here are tips for choosing and buying solar panels easily through visual checking.

Defective # 1 – Solar cell is broken

Pay attention to solar cells arranged and laminated in solar panels. Make sure the existing solar cells are not damaged, cut or broken. Damaged solar cells can cause your solar panels to not work optimally, and can actually endanger your life. Damaged solar cells in solar panels also show low manufacturing quality standards.

This condition is almost impossible, if the quality control / QC of solar panel manufacturers is carried out. However, if you still receive solar panels with conditions like this. So it is very possible that manufacturers with these brands are manufacturers with low quality standards. They are not careful enough to make sure the products they make are in the best quality when they arrive at the customer’s hands.

This solar cell damage can be caused by several things, namely:

1. Selection and sorting of bad solar cells during the solar cell preparation stage before the solder process is carried out. So that the damaged cells enter in the solder and laminating stage.

2. The process of soldering is less than optimal, so that there are damaged and broken cells.

3. The inspection process is inadvertent, so the damage that has occurred is missed.

4. Manufacturers intentionally sell solar panels that do not pass the quality test, to reduce selling prices.

Therefore, always make sure the condition of the solar cells in the solar panel that you are buying is not damaged. Because if there is damage or the production power of your solar power system is not optimal. Then you are the user who will be harmed. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices, but regret later.