If you have a good product, it naturally follows that you cannot market it properly if you don’t have a good label. One of the best investment decisions you can make is to purchase a labelling machine so it’s easy to label your products. But in order to find a labelling machine that is just right for your business needs, you should decide what is important for you in terms of functionality, style, and price. Once you can narrow down what you are looking for, you can find the ideal machine from the wide choice that is readily available. Here are the best tips for selecting the most ideal labelling machine for your needs and a few key questions to ask before shopping for a labelling machine.

  • What applications will I use for the labelling machine?

Based on the type of product you are producing, what type of label you have, and how labour-intensive you want the process to be, you will need an automatic or semi-automatic system. The application will also affect the type of machine you buy in terms of how the labels are fixed – on the top, for instance, or on the sides. If you have an oddly-shaped item, you also need to take this into account when looking at the different options available. 

  •  Is it a good brand?

There are many different labelling machines available, so make sure the one you are looking at is a respected brand and has a good history of use. Remember this: poor-quality machines and brands tend not to last on the market, while the strongest products remain for a longer amount of time. You certainly do need to choose a machine that will last and which will be sturdy and robust enough to deliver good performance for many years. 

  • Do I need customisation? 

Many labelling needs are unique, and the machine you need may have to be configured in a particular way to suit your own unique needs. If you want to set up a short, specialised print run of specific labels or you have an oddly-shaped or even bulky package to label, then you should contact a reliable supplier such as www.labeller.co.uk and ask about their advanced label options and their customisation packages. 

  • How long does my label need to last?

You also have to think carefully about the durability of your label – how it needs to be – when looking at different label machines. If your label needs to withstand harsh environments, make sure the labelling machine is fit to print these specific items. 

  • What type of surface do I need to label?

You need a machine that works with your product. Fortunately, there are different labelling machines that handle all kinds of shapes, from bottles to carry cases and more. Check with the supplier for their advice if you are unsure if your product has a labelling machine to match. 

  • Does the supplier offer customer and service support?

If you have a clear and precise idea of what you are doing and have been labelling for years, then you are not likely to need much customer support. But for the rest, good quality customer service is essential in case you run into any problems and even to make sure you have chosen the right machine and it is configured for optimum efficiency.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com