All of the content she writes is centered on female entrepreneurship and personal development. Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Oprah, among many others, have featured her work. In fact, there are so many blogs to choose from that it can be hard to know which ones to read. After you determine the business scale and loan needed, the next step is to choose the type of loan that is suitable for you. You can choose a type of loan such as motorcycle title loan, car title loan, or a home loan.

  • “We take on the role of the finance function and view access to capital as one of the tools to help small businesses grow or sustain their business,” said Pamela.
  • Then, to improve it, you should make your credit payments on time.
  • Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow members of the public to invest money in your business.
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  • Barbara Weltman takes an inspired look inSmooth Failingat the hard lessons learned when things go wrong.

The former is a line of credit, offered from a supplier, allowing the business to generate turnover before making a repayment. The latter may be as direct as a grant or as indirect as the coronavirus loan schemes that were setup to ensure businesses could access the finance they need. MarketingProfs is an in-depth blog and resource for all manner of business-to-business marketing needs and guides, supporting more than 650,000 members. With regular updates in blog content and thrice weekly newsletters, it provides consistent information and helpful tools to readers.

How to Get Quick Approval for a Business Loan Application

Prospa Customer Success Manager Meg Clarence helped Smokin Hot ’n Saucy Barbecue refinance with a small business loan. Why the Hemp Soft Serve Company has undergone rapid business growth, and how its owner Brad aims to thrive in spite of market pressures. What to consider when choosing a remuneration structure for your small business, and how one small business owner approaches remuneration within his company.

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That way, you can increase your chances of getting lower interest rates. Keep in mind that there are eligibility requirements you must meet to qualify for an SBA loan. You must have good personal credit, be a USA-based business that is for-profit, and meet the SBA’s small business size requirements.

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Here are a few common documents you will need to submit in addition to the required federal forms. Whether you need to open an additional location, build or expand a building, or tap a new market, an SBA loan can help you meet the demands of business growth. Buying commercial real estate is an exciting time for a business owner, but it can be an intimidating process. Acquiring tangible assets, whether an existing property, new construction, or a redevelopment project, requires a lot of financing. A balance sheet is a snapshot overview of your finances at any given point in time.