As a social media specialist, you’ll help businesses create a strategic plan, develop the brand’s voice, and create social media posts that increase shares, comments, and sales. You can work from anywhere, but you’ll need a broad skill set that encompasses PR, marketing, and writing. In major cities, people continuously search for housekeepers and cleaners to keep their home tidy while they’re at work. Housekeeping poses a potential business opportunity for a savvy marketer. If you know how to find potential customers, you can hire cleaners to clean those customers’ homes.

  • While this will include security measures like cameras and alarms, security personnel are often employed in order to screen visitors and patrol the interior and exterior of buildings at off-hours.
  • Lots of people are already making a living outside the traditional market.
  • There is never any rush, and try to pick business opportunities that line up with your interests and current life schedule.
  • Parent companies are experts with years of experience in their specialised field, and that specialism gets handed down to you.
  • Any work order over $350,000 and including over six hundred single trade hours shall utilize a state registered apprenticeship program for that single trade.
  • For things like stereo equipment, the problem may be physical, in which case it might help to get a soldering gun.

Learn how to analyse existing business models and understand the principles to generate business model innovation, leading to real value generation. By the end of the programme, you will understand the processes that both accelerate innovation and the generation of valuable new business opportunities. Whether you’re considering a classic franchise or a business opportunity, you’ll need some capital to get you started. You might need to purchase tools and equipment or buy stock or materials for products or services. Learn about how SEO, social media, omnichannel marketing, MLM, and direct sales can strengthen your network marketing posture.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and universities had to pivot to distance learning. This led to an explosion of demand for digital education solutions, such as learning management software, conferencing tools, and innovative approaches to asynchronous teaching. Sites such as and Rover put potential clients in front of pet sitters in their local area. As a writer, you can create a book on just about anything while also cutting back on a lot of spending costs.


There are individuals in any given location who manage social media accounts for a number of local businesses. The second method is to use various gig-oriented job sites like Fiverr,, and to offer your services and browse business opportunities from people requesting social media help. Becoming a social media specialist requires a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access. It would also help to start your own web page and professional social media accounts for branding purposes. There are three ways to get customers and generate business opportunities as a social media specialist.

Opportunities for SMEs

If your eBay store is a success, your ranking will improve, and your items will gain more prominence and visibility to buyers who casually browse the site. It is very rare that you find someone who does only one thing for a living. Whether we are parlaying our hobbies and passions into lucrative business opportunities, or simply creating multiple streams of revenue to counter any unforeseen economic downturns, extra income never hurts. These tenders are primarily for goods and services to be provided to the Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. We face big challenges to help the world’s poorest people and ensure that everyone sees benefits from economic growth.