At Leeds, you’ll study in one of the largest city regions for financial and business services in England, which offers a range of opportunities to gain relevant work experience. It comprises an inter-disciplinary approach with perspectives from strategic management, human resource management, general social sciences and the humanities. It aims to introduce the business culture concepts at both macro and micro levels and gives students some first hand experience in understanding the values of nations, industries and firms. The module deals with the valuation of fixed income and equity securities.

  • Integration of technology and strategy; design of technological strategy; development of new business around new technology; and management of corporate research and development, including pre-competitive consortia.
  • Students will learn about the Global Financial Environment, Foreign Exchange Theory, Foreign Exchange Market and Derivatives, Financing the Global Firm, Foreign Investment Decisions, and Managing Multinational Operations.
  • Practical work experience can help you decide on your career and improve your employability.
  • Practically apply the knowledge gained through their course programme to a related work environment.
  • Emphasizes contingency approach to training and development; relevant to organizations of all sizes and resource capacities.

Understand the factors likely to influence the evaluation and implementation of international investment projects and cross border mergers and acquisitions. We offer a range of International scholarships to students all over the world. This course is studied full-time over one or two years, depending on the level of entry. Specialist content which covers the identification, analysis and solution of financial decision making.

International Business and Finance MSc

Transfer students must consult an advisor about potential adjustments to their course requirements to fulfill each of these skills. Re a home-based or small business owner, you need to learn how to balance your books as you … By having smaller class sizes, we’re able to engage more deeply in conversations with each other and develop strong relationships with professors. These personal connections become the foundation of our professional network. The Sykes College of Business is accredited at both the graduate and undergraduate levels by AACSB International. How culture, infrastructure, government, and consumer characteristics affect international marketing.


Upon completing this MSc, you can pursue a variety of careers in finance, management and international business. Whilst the University will make every effort to offer the courses listed, changes may sometimes be made arising from the regular review of course programmes. Where this activity leads to significant changes to programmes, there will normally be prior consultation of students and others. Changes may for example consist of variations to the content and method of delivery of programmes, courses and other services, to discontinue programmes, courses and other services and to merge or combine programmes or courses. The University will endeavour to keep such changes to a minimum, and will inform students. Upon completing this MSc, you’ll be well equipped to pursue a variety of careers in the areas of finance, management or international business.

Year 2 modules include:

Students that do not successfully obtain a co-op work term are expected to continue with their academic studies. Students should also note that hiring priority is given to Canadian citizens for co-op positions in the Federal Government of Canada. Students will engage in an approved international experience, abroad or within Canada , that fosters the development of a global mindset. This experience will allow students to integrate and apply the material learned in previous International Business courses. Analysis and evaluation of the organization’s corporate and business strategies; integration and synthesis of knowledge acquired in the program by application of acquired functional skills to strategic decision making. Facilitates sophisticated understanding of the knowledge and skills required for marketing managers to respond to changing market environments in order to bring arts and culture offerings to their target audiences.