Of course, RIA custodians haven’t been sitting still while all of this technology was been flying around. Almost 20 years ago, they started realizing the benefit of having a technology that they could use as a loss-leader for their custody offering. Conversion Cost – Most vendors charge for the migration process of converting data and subsequent implementation. Whether clients can tell the difference or not is another story. Overchoice or choice overload is a cognitive process in which people have a difficult time making a decision when faced with many options.


Simplify wherever possible Automate complex workflows across the entire relationship life cycle, from account…… Embedded compliance is defined as the ability to provide instant answers to regulatory questions when and where they are needed—fully integrated into financial institutions’ existing infrastructure. Embedded compliance works by unifying regulatory knowledge so it can be processed from a single repository, structuring it so it can be used in any……


With automation as one of the primary drivers, it helps banks improve efficiency by focusing on value added advisory and consultancy for customers. Without having to worry about time-consuming, tedious and repetitive tasks, financial advisors and relationship managers can create a differentiated value for their customers. MoneyWare is an integrated Wealth Management platform designed to allow wealth managers to run their complete business life cycle from front office to back office, without having to use multiple systems. It enables wealth management firms to service all types of client segments including highly affluent, high net worth individuals and single and multi-family offices. PSplus Wealth Manager is the ideal wealth management software for family offices, asset managers, banks and foundations. As well as representing liquid assets, PSplus depicts private equity, real estate and other illiquid assets and consolidates complex asset structures.

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Based on the pricing module of FIN/S, each Firm can specify one or multiple price sources, providing the ability to store multiple prices for the same product. EFFECT offers enhanced functionality for measuring performance, either by money or time weighted return formula. If needed, an ex-ante report can be automatically sent to client, who can accept or reject the order using his mobile phone, tablet or a pc web browser.


LPL Financial has replaced most of the external software that powers its ClientWorks platform with internally developed code, including their own UMA sleeve construction, although they still outsource a few back-end components. ClientWorks is on its third major iteration and supports their 14,000 advisors, as well as 5,000+ AXA Equitable advisors. Their excellent proposal generation functionality is delivered via AdvisoryWorld, which they acquired in 2018. You can see firms like AdvisorEngine and Oranj that started out as digital onboarding tools but are now full-featured portfolio management applications unto themselves.