The internal dynamics of Canadian business , and its external implications (competition, foreign investment, business- government relations). Valuation of fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives including bonds, mortgage- and asset-based securities. Analytic tools used in bond portfolio and interest rate risk management including yield curve construction, duration and convexity, and term structure models. An in-depth examination of some of the major theoretical issues in corporate finance.

  • In your final year you apply the knowledge and skills gained in years 1 and 2.
  • On this postgraduate programme you will develop an in-depth understanding of the interrelationships between finance and the global economy.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the external context within which international businesses operate, and the opportunities and challenges this poses to entrepreneurial firms, large and small.
  • Students are required to reflect on relevant research questions, theoretical concepts/hypotheses, prior literature, ethical approaches, research methodologies and data analyses in an independent and disciplined manner.
  • This will provide the opportunity to discuss subject materials in an in-depth way with your lecturers and fellow students.

We offer you the opportunity to study our MSc International Business or MSc International Business combined with another business topic. Our degrees are flexible, and this gives you the chance to focus on a specific area that interests you. It also shows future employers where your specific interests and skills are. There are 11 International Business degree options for you to choose from, we refer to these as specialist pathways. Global business challenges in accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, public relations, production and logistics. More than ever, advancements in technology, the reduction of trade barriers, and the emergence of growing economies in Brazil, India and China, among others, are influencing business transactions.

Forthcoming Special Issues

Indigenous and international institutions’ role in the evolution of a competitive and inclusive global economy and society. Also offered at the graduate level, with different requirements, as FINA 5515, for which additional credit is precluded. Theory and practice of microfinance, its achievements and current challenges; basic skills needed to manage microfinance institutions. The theory and practice of mergers and acquisitions; the best ways to analyze, design and implement mergers and acquisitions transactions.


The Financial Times’ mission is to deliver unbiased, informed investment and economic information to empower individuals and companies to make secure investment decisions. Apple not only sells products internationally but has supply chains from 43 countries that ship supplies to China for final production and assembly. By keeping a tight-knit and strong relationship with suppliers, strategic inventory, and a focus on sustainability, Apple stands as one of the world’s most successful companies. Learning ExperienceMaster real-world business skills with our immersive platform and engaged community. Some transferred credits may have to be forfeited in order to meet the third-year Study Abroad Requirement of a minimum 4.0 credits completed during year abroad. Meeting the above requirements only establishes eligibility for admission to the program.

Previous knowledge

The majority of teaching and assessment activities take place between Mondays and Fridays, 9am to 7pm. There may be occasions when such activities may fall outside of these hours. These e-learning activities and face-to-face learning form part of a blended approach.