There was a time when open office space was a thing. Even big companies followed this design because of researchers showing that it leads to growth in businesses. The truth is that an open office will only hamper development. If anything, it makes everyone feel uncomfortable. You should reconsider your plans if you intend to have it in your company. 

Your employees deserve privacy

The office is like a second home to employees. They stay inside the office for up to eight hours a day. They deserve privacy while working. Don’t worry about not being sure if they’re working. Trust them to be professional enough to know what to do. Even if they’re doing other stuff, it’s okay. You gave them a deadline, and if they don’t submit work on time, their job is on the line. Allow them to work quietly without feeling disturbed. 

People have different working styles

This idea was one of the reasons for the popularity of an open office. Some people thought that an open office would allow everyone to work in any way. The problem is that some people prefer being loud while working or even playing games. It makes everyone else feel uncomfortable. You can have a different space for those who wish to be loud while working instead of letting everyone mix in the same area. 

Employees feel like you don’t trust them

Another reason for avoiding an open office is that it sends a message that employers don’t trust employees. They feel like there’s a need to see everything they do at all times. The lack of trust in the workplace could adversely impact the relationship among employees. 

It discourages break time

Employees deserve a break, and they need to recharge before working again. When they work privately, they can determine when to take a break. Employees also have different ways of relaxing. Some prefer walking outside, while others watch funny YouTube videos. If they take a break while others are working, it might create tension. Employees will compare themselves with one another and think that others aren’t working as hard as they do. Not taking a break is a terrible thing for employees, and you shouldn’t promote it. 

Invest in desks and cubicles 

Provide your employees with a comfortable private space while working. The problem is that if your office isn’t too big, there might be no space for tables and chairs. Instead of considering an open office, you can move to a bigger office. If you relocate, you can find a place that is sufficient for everyone at work. It would help if you also considered those who will join your team in the future. If you need quality office spaces, units to rent in Manchester are available. 

Even if you ask your employees if they prefer an open office, most of them will probably say no. Trust them to do the right thing even if you don’t have an open office. Don’t fall for office trends that won’t necessarily work.