Further information can be found in the University’s Policy on additional costs incurred by students on undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes . You will study the technical tools and techniques required to measure and assess business performance, while also emphasising the importance of changing economic contexts. You will also have the opportunity to learn a foreign language as part of your degree. Students who complete this major will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage sport experiences pertaining to globalisation and emerging contemporary issues in sport. Graduates find career employment at all levels of government as well as within the private sector for both commercial and non-commercial organisations. The units in this major focus on organisational learning and development and behaviour, operations management, leadership and entrepreneurship, change and innovation, and policy.


The „International Business & Finance“ Master Program is a full-time, truly global program, which will inspire and challenge you over 18 months as you develop strategic, financial, business and leadership capabilities. Would you like to be able to forecast future movements of stock prices or test the efficiency of financial markets? If so, this module will introduce to you the empirical techniques you need to satisfy these interests. You’ll be shown how to estimate a regression model in a variety of contexts, interpret your findings, and test the relationships between variables.

International Business and Finance (MA)

International Finance– exposes you to the political, economic and technical dimensions of the international finance regime. The role of finance in the competitive struggle between nation states and between multinational corporations to generate economic value is also explored. You will look at financial and risk appraisal of foreign trade and direct investment projects. People Management and Organisation– provides you with the skills to conduct and critically analyse organisational development, including its consequences on human resources management . The relevant theoretical principles and models of change management, HRM and organisational behaviour will be considered and applied in a practical management context using case studies and real-life examples. All students should normally be able to complete their programme of study without incurring additional study costs over and above the tuition fee for that programme.

  • Whilst the University will make every effort to offer the modules listed, changes may sometimes be made arising from the annual monitoring and review of modules.
  • The module will be informed by critical management and organisation studies.
  • Slow civil judicial processes, corrupt judges, and potential biases against foreigners can affect a company’s ability to operate effectively, recover losses, or collect bad debts.