Our advisors will help you understand the different tax-efficient vehicles at your disposal and make the best choices for your situation. They can coach you through big questions, planned or unexpected life events, and periods of market turbulence. With a well-defined plan and the support to stick to it, you can feel more assured about what lies ahead. For example, if you have a lump sum you want to save, someone giving guidance would tell you what your saving options are in broad terms. They may tell you about the pros and cons of regular savings accounts, ISAs and investments. They won’t tell you about specific products offered by named companies or what option might suit you best.

  • Since the 2021 announcement of their merger within Athene, Wheels Donlen has emerged as one of the most innovative companies in the fleet management industry.
  • Personal financial advisors who directly buy or sell stocks, bonds, or insurance policies, or who provide specific investment advice, need a combination of licenses that varies with the products they sell.
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  • This means that they are only required to make recommendations that are ‘generally’ appropriate for a client’s needs, so are free to recommend whichever one gets them a higher commission.
  • When choosing a financial advisor, make sure they offer the services you’re looking for in your financial and non-financial lives.

Regardless of which kind of advisor you choose, you should make sure you know how they earn money. This helps you determine if their recommendations are actually better for you—or for their wallets. At the same, Day pointed out that the gold market is reflecting investor expectation for inflation, noting that there is the belief the Fed is likely to continue raising interest rates to tame inflation. Adrian Day, the President of Adrian Day Asset Management and the portfolio manager of the Euro Pacific gold fund, has suggested that Federal Reserve policies are likely to negatively impact the price of gold. “I am excited about the opportunity to join the Siena Healthcare Finance team and look forward to helping the team grow the portfolio,” said Linda. Siena Healthcare Finance announced the addition of Linda Kasian as VP, Underwriting.

How to find a financial adviser

Schwab reserves the right to change the funds we make available without transaction fees and to reinstate fees on any funds. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. receives remuneration from fund companies participating in the Mutual Fund OneSource service for recordkeeping and shareholder services and other administrative services. Schwab also may receive remuneration from transaction fee fund companies for certain administrative services. They come from diverse backgrounds and offer a wide range of services. Because of that, they can do much more than explain confusing jargon and help you pick mutual funds. A financial plan helps you make the most of what you have, no matter how much you have, so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.


These are the reasonableness standard and the stricter fiduciary standard. These relationships characterize the nature of the transactions between registered representatives and clients in the broker-dealer space. Registered advisors must carry the Series 65 license to conduct business with the public.

Personal Financial Planning Service

Talk to your advisor about your big-ticket wishes and whether you have enough money to splash out a little before you settle into quieter spending. The senior adult woman reviews her bank statement to determine what needs to be adjusted or corrected. Whether you are an employer or an employee, we can help make your 401 or 403 retirement plan simpler, cheaper, and easier to manage. And fund selection with the help of an external committee of economists, PhDs, and industry experts.