In India there is no such Licensing Requirement as on Date but Certification is often recommended by employers and can improve the chances for advancement. A data analyst is responsible for analyzing data and using that information to solve business problems, while a financial analyst is responsible for researching, analyzing, and interpreting financial and accounting information. A financial analyst is a professional that analyzes past and current trends to help create a better financial future for a company or client, while an accountant reviews financial information on a more day-to-day basis. In securities and IB roles, it is lately preferred that, similarly, even to enter, analysts earn a master’s or the CFA designation – in Europe, the CIIA also – with the MBA still common at senior levels. For example, in the United States, sell-side or Wall Street research analysts must register with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority .


Take courses that incorporate financial statement analysis, valuation, and financial modeling, if available. If you don’t see a financial analyst job that interests you here, click the link below to search, explore and filter all available financial analyst jobs near you. According to the employment website Salary, the average financial analyst earned an annual salary ranging from ​$54,295​ to ​$65,890​. As with most jobs, earnings are dependent on a variety of factors, including employer, geographic location, education and experience. Corporate governance initiatives and a more restrictive and expensive insurance market have given risk analysts a higher profile within organisations.

Credit Analysts

Financial analysts generally focus on trends affecting a specific industry, geographical region, or type of product. They must understand how new regulations, policies, political situations, and economic trends may affect investments. As one of our most experienced instructors, Neil designs and delivers practical programs covering financial statement analysis, financial forecasting and modelling, company valuation and M&A and LBO analysis.

  • For instance, you cannot buy or sell stocks for anyone besides yourself without a credential from FINRA.
  • • Participate in special projects, such as preparing ad hoc analyses as requested by managers.
  • Successful financial analysts have moved on to vice-presidential positions in the investment banking, financial analysis, or valuation departments of the company.
  • The key factor that symbolises a company’s development and existence is the degree of productivity attained.

Some financial analyst will continue to work the same kind of job throughout their career. Others rise to the level of the C-suite, and even the level of the chief financial officer . A financial analyst can find a career in consulting which increases their income opportunities and let them work for themselves rather than being linked to a client. It the most important thing the financial analyst should be able to do is to analyse data. That comprises of analysing the research they’ve done, collecting information assembled and then formulating a well-organized tactic for a clients’ difficult financial profiles.


They need confidence to present data and reports in an understandable format, with key actionable advice. Generally, financial analyst candidates need an undergraduate degree in accounting, finance, business administration or another related field. Financial analysts need to track market fluctuations and industry trends in order to assess the performance of investments and analyze the data they collect to predict future performance. They can work for banks, insurance companies, mutual or retirement fund brokers, stockbrokers, or financial companies that offer consulting, auditing or research services.

Staff Analysts are employees who oversee the activities related to the employees. They monitor the performance of the employees and assess whether particular employees suit the role they have. They also assess the current roles in the company to see if those roles are really needed.