Online bachelor’s in finance degree learn how to analyze financial data, implement market principles, and use financial theories. The university awards credit for career experience and military training through its ACCESS program, which also provides discounted tuition rates. The university partners with more than 135 two-year colleges to help students transfer credits easily.


In order to earn your Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance online, you must complete 12 courses totaling 36 credit hours. Additional Foundation Pathway Courses may be required if your undergraduate degree is not in business, if your GMAT score is lower than 500, or if you do not take the GMAT exam. Talk with your Enrollment Specialist if you have questions about required courses. All applicant data will be carefully reviewed before an admission denial is made. The decision to defer/deny admission is not based on any single criterion. The admission process is the first step toward earning your online degree.

Floorplan Finance

This product designer and wholesaler recently went through a change in ownership and the new management was seeking a funding partner that could support them with quick access to cashflow. This property developer required funding to refinance a previous facility that was utilised to assist with the purchase of a commercial site. Our bridging Finance deal allowed the company to purchase the property, enabling them to grow in size.

  • Well-managed books also help your CPA take advantage of all eligible tax deductions and catch banking errors in a timely manner.
  • Self-cites are used to compare current results of the research with earlier findings when continuing to study the same subject.
  • Available in a traditional in-class format with September, January, February and May admissions or with fully online finance courses, full-time or part-time.

This real-world-focused course is brought to you by Yale University and taught by a professor from the Ivy League’s economics department. Don’t let that intimidate you, it’s for beginners in finance and uses simple language. Specific topics covered include financial markets, behavioral finance, nonprofits, and careers in finance. The course also teaches important leadership skills needed for a career in finance. It takes 33 hours to complete and includes readings, quizzes, and videos you can work on at your own pace. Videos are dynamic and feature lectures, student salons, chalk talks, and interviews.