The term does not include the pledgee of an aggregate number of such contracts to secure a bona fide loan thereon. Every state HFA was created by its state to meet its particular affordable housing needs. Click on a state below to find its housing finance agency. Contact the agency directly to learn about the programs it offers and to get answers to your housing finance questions. The Director may issue a cease and desist order to a sales finance agency or other person doing business without the required license when, in the opinion of the director, the licensee or other person is violating or is about to violate any provision of this Act or any law, rule, or requirement imposed in writing by the Department. No person may engage in the business of a sales finance agency in this State without first obtaining a license as provided in this Act.


See how we help developers fund multifamily housing projects. Thus, responsibility for the conduct of bank regulation and supervision or for bank deposit insurance policies in some countries may be assigned to the central bank, or to an independent bank supervisory or deposit insurance agency, or split among several units of government. PHFA inviting proposals for mixed-use developments seeking funding. Personal loans can be a great way to get you the extra cash you need.

FHFA Announces Fair Lending Program To Support Equitable Housing Finance

Conviction in a criminal matter or final judgment in a civil action of defrauding another person. Use of collection process that violates any of the laws of this State with respect to garnishment, wage deduction orders or wage assignments. Material misstatement in the application or renewal, in any form prescribed by the Director for the renewal of a license, or in any amendment made to the application.

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  • HFA issues taxable and tax-exempt bonds to provide mortgage loans to developers of affordable multifamily rental housing.
  • The NDFA may also provide financial advice to State authorities on certain projects below this threshold.
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Department of Housing and Urban Development government-sponsored enterprise mission team, absorbing the powers and regulatory authority of both entities, with expanded legal and regulatory authority, including the ability to place government sponsored enterprises into receivership or conservatorship. The Director shall serve notice of his or her action, designated as a cease and desist order made pursuant to this Section, including a statement of the reasons for the action, either personally or by certified mail, return receipt requested. The Department may make and enforce such reasonable rules, regulations, directions, orders, decisions and findings as the execution and enforcement of this Act require, and as are not inconsistent therewith. In addition, the Department may promulgate rules in connection with the activities of licensees that are necessary and appropriate for the protection of consumers in this State. All rules and regulations shall be sent electronically to all licensees.