You can expect tons of counter-cultural views and practical personal finance tips. It opts to show real-life money management in a messy world instead of so-called “easy” tips that may not be realistic. Kirkham uses her site to look at money from a holistic perspective. If you want to understand the financial “why” instead of just the “how,” Brave Saver is an excellent place to start. Marriage, Kids, and Money is chock full of useful content for young families like paying off debt, retiring early, and reaching financial independence.

  • Therefore, it’s vital to understand the reason you’re taking a loan and have a well-thought-out plan to pay it back.
  • The way you position your business is a less tangible factor of setting your price, but it’s definitely a factor.
  • Many business credit card lenders will also offer employee cards with customizable spending limits.
  • Besides providing insight into the latest technology trends, Brian Solis’ personal blog features on digital customer experience, market strategies, and management.

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It also provides guidelines for startup founders to build, run, and grow a business. Moreover, Small Business Trends provides the latest business news to keep you updated on business trends. Small Business Brief is an entrepreneur blog that features great resources and tips for business owners. The blog’s founders, Jennifer Laycock and Robert Clough, focus on providing comprehensive guide articles for small businesses.

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Author and founder of Akimbo, Seth Godin offers a highly ranked blog called Seth’s Blog. Seth provides provoking daily tidbits on business and life with over 2,500 posts. Help Scout was designed to help businesses pay attention to what they consider the most important thing, the customer. This customer-centric blog covers topics like how to improve customer loyalty and to collect customer data. Business Pundit, as the name suggests, is about experts in business. This general business blog has hosted a variety of high profile bloggers, with posts ranging from point of sale technology to economics and from branding to entrepreneurship.

Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB): Small Business Guide

Unlike single entry, double-entry bookkeeping tracks your assets and liabilities in addition to revenue and expenses and has the checks and balances needed to reduce errors. Double-entry bookkeeping also gives you the information needed to create detailed financial statements showing which areas of your business revenue is flowing into and out of. Cash accounting is simpler to track because transactions are recorded when payment is received or made.

If you make your company a legal entity while it’s still in its early stages, you’ll no longer be able to claim any losses it incurs on your personal taxes. At the same time, the more mature a company becomes and the more assets it has, the more paperwork that’s required to incorporate it. In either case, expect the cost of incorporating to be somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000.