You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to break into entrepreneurship—you just need to recognize the potential for innovation that already exists. Starting with personal questions can help determine if others have the same pain point and if opportunities are low-end or new-market disruptions. With a foundational understanding of the types of opportunities that exist, you can dive into identifying them. In this case, the milkshake beat out competitors because its thick consistency allowed it to be consumed slowly over commutes. This theory also expands the scope of the competitive landscape and helps you conceptualize how many choices customers have when they want to get a specific job done. Resources Discover our latest press releases, statements, publications and other resources to learn more about our work.


If a Supplier has a question regarding the specifics of a business opportunity, this link will also walk them through the process of submitting a question that will be routed directly to NTESS via the BOW. If you have your logo on an item that your avatar is carrying while visiting different experiences on the platform, other users are very likely to see the logo too. If other avatars carry your logo, that would create even more visibility for your brand.

What are business opportunities?

A business serving this need also can provide web design and strategies for social media campaigns. On a national level, sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and others provide a way for consumers to evaluate businesses. Homeowners, for example, sometimes struggle to find a reliable and trusted contractor for home repairs.

  • Council’s international business programs aim to improve the economic benefits and opportunities for Brisbane-based businesses.
  • With the growth of distance education, working as an online teacher is a good business opportunity.
  • Businesses need to consider their target market, competitive threats, and business models as they develop the product or service.
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